November 14th, 2013

Abortion RIGHTS: Stop avoiding it & start demanding it!

From Albuquerque, Day One…

by a member of Stop Patriarchy

Stop Patriarchy was welcomed warmly by local activists that have done a lot of work to fight for abortion rights, on a scientific and pro-woman basis, and to argue for an unapologetic stance in doing so.  We are uniting with these courageous and tireless folks throughout the week to change minds, break boundaries, and rally all those who support abortion rights to stand together in defiant opposition to this ban and the anti-abortion movement that would like to see a society-wide return to the dark ages, stand together in uncompromising support of abortion rights, and stand together in determination to see this world transformed into one where women are truly liberated.

Beyond these deeply determined circles, there seemed to me at first to be a bit of abortion fatigue in Albuquerque.  The last time Stop Patriarchy was here was in August on the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, launching a nation-wide movement to end the attacks on abortion, changing the terms of the debate, and rallying others to stop relying on the Democrats for fundamental gains against this war on women.  At that time, Operation Rescue, an anti-abortion organization with a whole fascist agenda and sordid history of instigating violence against abortion providers, had just come through the town in a rampage.  In response, Personhood for Women organized a rally in which many people spoke out against those terror tactics, and to the need for abortion — yes, past 20-weeks, and at any point in her pregnancy.  Since then there has been a lot of advertising from both the “for” side and “against”… Watching TV for ten minutes, you see a commercial for and a commercial against the 20-week ban on abortion that residents will vote on next week, in this flashpoint of the attacks on abortion rights, the hometown of the practice of two out of only four late term abortion providers in the nation.  Walking through the halls of the student union at University of New Mexico you can see the fliers for both sides, one after the other after the other.  

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November 10th, 2013

Five Things Everyone Should Know About Albuquerque’s Proposed Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks of Pregnancy

by Sunsara Taylor [to be posted at 11/11/13]

On November 19, people in the city of Albuquerque will vote on whether to ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.  The very fact that a fundamental right of women – the right to abortion at whatever point in her pregnancy and for whatever reason she decides – can be put up for a vote is entirely illegitimate and reveals something profoundly wrong with the system that rules over us.  It is yet another indication as to why the courts and the official political process in this country cannot be relied upon to protect the rights of women, or of any other oppressed group.  This is why is traveling down to Albuquerque and calling on others nationwide to support in joining with people locally to defeat this proposed ban.  The following are five things that everyone should know about the proposed ban on abortions after 20 weeks in Albuquerque:

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November 6th, 2013

In this #AbortionRightsEmergency … what will you do?  Sit on the sidelines?  Hypothesize & criticize?  Bury your head in the sand?  Rely on the official political process which has buckled under the force of the anti-abortion movement?  Or stand up, expose and oppose their illegitimacy, and fight unapologetically for abortion rights?!  TODAY would not be a minute too soon.

November 1st, 2013

We Condemn the New Federal Ruling Which Will Immediately Shut Down Abortion Care at Many Clinics in Texas We Appeal to All Who Care for Women: We Must Resist Now!

A statement issued by Sunsara Taylor, on behalf of, November 1st, 2013 condemns in the strongest possible terms the outrageous ruling by the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals on October 31st which will have the effect of immediately closing down abortion services at as many as 13 clinics throughout Texas! That this ruling came just three days after a federal judge had blocked the implementation of a new Texas law that would require abortion doctors to have arrangements to admit patients with local hospitals shows how extreme and intense the fight is right now over the direction of abortion rights – and the lives of women – throughout this country.

Everyone who cares about the lives and futures of women must make their outrage heard and their resistance seen throughout this country. We must stand against this outrageous assault on the fundamental rights of women in Texas and this escalation in the national war on women.

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October 28th, 2013

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month but a month, a day — THIS HOUR — should be more than just that!

By Pete H.

The first time I realized how badly women are beaten, I didn’t know what to do. I had known about it and saw the violence in my home, but I didn’t think it was that important or that bad. What was the big deal? Everyone gets beat up. After all, I believed, why dwell on household violence when there is war? I felt helpless when I heard the stories from women who suffered intimate partner violence. I couldn’t ignore it. Not only were women beaten, they were put down verbally, emotionally and psychologically, which they said was worse than being beaten physically. How could this happen? And how could people not know about it or even talk about it? I studied as much as I could. I became obsessed with “violence against women” as an issue. I took excessive notes on napkins and scrap paper about my thinking about it, about what other people said about it. I sought intervention and I even took notes there. I read many articles about patriarchal violence, read bell hooks and Paul Kivel. Domestic violence has to be done away with! I tried riling people up, to wake up and take action!

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October 23rd, 2013
September 6th, 2013

Vice Magazine Interview with Sunsara Taylor: The Abortion Freedom Riders

By Natalie Elliott

There’s no disputing that here in the US there seems to be some kind of state-level legislative epidemic hellbent on condemning female reproductive rights for ever more. Never mind the explosive support of Texas Senator Wendy Davis during her abortion-bill filibuster earlier this summer—Governor Rick Perry saw that the bill passed in the bat of an eye in an instantaneously appointed special session. A couple states away, in North Dakota, recent legislation aimed to prohibit abortions after six weeks but was paused by a last-minute injunction granted on July 31, mere hours before the new laws were set to take effect. Not that it matters much anyway: There’s only one remaining abortion clinic in the entire state. Meanwhile, Arkansas has instituted its own ban on abortions after twelve-weeks.

So it sucks, but what are you doing about it? 

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August 20th, 2013

No room for compromise: There IS a WAR ON WOMEN

Albuquerque is the only city in all of New Mexico that provides abortions.  Doctors there comprise two of the four in the nation that will still openly provide later term abortion to women who need them, since Dr. Tiller was murdered.

In the last year, Operation Rescue has moved their “missionaries” out to ABQ, and they have successfully put a 20-week abortion ban on the ballot for October 8th.  Last week, they imported OpRescue fascists from over the country and laid siege to this city.

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August 17th, 2013

A Few Thoughts on Our Time Here in Mississippi, On the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and Looking Forward

from Sunsara Taylor

Today, as many of the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders escorted patients and hoola-hooped outside the clinic, I sat down with the director of Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  I told her about the three-fold mission of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: to launch a national counter-offensive to the nation-wide attacks on abortion, to change the terms of this fight so that millions become clear it is about women’s liberation or women’s enslavement (NOT about “babies”), and to break free of relying on politicians and the courts and instead build a mass independent political movement of resistance to defeat the whole war on women.

She told me about her patients.  About 80% of them are Black women, many of them travel from long distances, only about a third of them have a partner with them (some have a relative or friend, others come alone), and many of them are very young.  Her voice filled with emotion when she told me about the 14 year old who was brought in recently by her 27 year old mother.  The mother had only been 13 when she had her child and was determined not to see her daughter put through the same hardship.  The director told of other women who have to bus in from the surrounding area, of all the degradation they have to go through to come up with the funds not only for the abortion but also for travel.  She told of the mandatory waiting period of 24 hours and how many women cannot afford even a cheap motel and don’t have anywhere to spend the night.

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August 15th, 2013

Jackson welcomes the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride!  A warm welcome, news from the clinics in Mississippi, and preparation for this Saturday’s culminating rally at Jackson Women’s Health Organization.  Abortion on demand and without apology!

August 9th, 2013

Abortion On Demand and Without Apology! For Every Woman in Every State The Reversal of Abortion and Birth Control Rights Must Stop Now!

Abortion is an issue that divides this country. This is no accident. How one thinks and feels about abortion flows fundamentally from how one views women.

We recognize that women are full human beings who must have the right – through unrestricted and unstigmatized access to birth control and abortion – to decide for themselves when and whether they will have children. We reject the view that a woman’s highest purpose and fundamental “duty” is to bear children, even those she does not want or cannot care for.

For decades, a movement which calls itself “pro-life” has unleashed violence against abortion providers, shamed and humiliated women, and relentlessly restricted access to abortion, especially for poor women.

Over 80% of abortion clinics have experienced violence, threats, or harassment; eight doctors and staff have been murdered. Today, 97% of rural counties have no abortion provider. One in four poor women who seeks an abortion cannot afford it and is forced to have a child she does not want. Five states have only one abortion clinic left.

This assault has intensified, not slowed, under the Presidency of Obama. 2011 and 2012 saw record new legal restrictions on abortion. Already this year, 278 bills have been introduced to further restrict abortion, including laws set to go into effect that would shut down the last clinic in North Dakota on August 1. Added to this, the Obama administration fought relentlessly to keep emergency contraception (“Morning After Pill”) off the shelves and out of the hands of the women and girls who desperately need it.

Reproductive rights are in a state of emergency.

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August 9th, 2013

Sunsara Taylor speaks at a rally for abortion rights in Fargo, on the three objectives of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, to fill a great need: putting an END to the attacks on abortion, all across the country.  Abortion Rights Freedom Riders, clinic escorts, students, lawyers, activists and others speak powerfully to the need and basis for Abortion On Demand and Without Apology, for EVERY woman in EVERY state!

The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride recently left North Dakota, one of the five states that have just one abortion clinic left, after this righteous rally in downtown Fargo.  The rally was attended by staff from the Red River Women’s Clinic, the last abortion clinic in the state, as well as members from Minnesota NOW, the Abortion Rights Freedom Riders, college students and other residents from the Fargo / Grand Forks area.

Abortion rights really are in a state of emergency, and it’s going to take a movement of millions of people standing together, people like this and many more, demanding that women be treated as full human beings, not as incubators.

The Abortion Rights Freedom Ride is:

1. Launching a national counter-offensive against the assaults on abortion rights.

2. Changing the terms of the debate society-wide: Fetuses are NOT babies. Women are NOT incubators. Abortion is NOT murder. Forced motherhood is female enslavement.

3. Tapping into the hidden reservoir of millions who believe abortion rights are essential, and waging massive, independent action: We must rely on ourselves to turn the tide on the attacks on abortion, and fight through to defeat the whole war on women.

Read more on these three objective here:

JOIN this Freedom Ride in Wichita, KS: August 10, or Jackson, MS: August 17 for major rallies for abortion rights.  Be a virtual Freedom Rider, fighting for abortion on demand and without apology, for EVERY woman in EVERY state!



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August 4th, 2013
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