August 27th, 2014
I stand with the brave 11 Freedom Fighters for women’s reproductive rights who were arrested outside of Governor Rick Perry’s mansion on August 13th for protesting the closure of all but six abortion clinics in the state of Texas. Legislation that limits access to sensitive healthcare, specifically safe and legal abortion, is a form of serious violence against women. We must raise our voices, fill the streets, make art, to defend doctors and assist women, to change hearts, enlighten minds and resist this oppression throughout this Week of Defiance.
–Eve Ensler
May 25th, 2014
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April 10th, 2014

"If they make it about babies, then women can remain conflicted…"

From a member of Stop Patriarchy in the Bay Area, in response to the abortion rights emergency, the need for Emergency Actions this weekend, and the need to change the terms of the debate about abortion:

"It really is about the oppression of women and not about babies at all. It’s difficult to fully grasp that - I think because in order to maintain control over us it needs to be about babies. If it’s really about women’s autonomy, if the Right just came out and said, “we want women to stay at home and have babies while men take over the world because women aren’t fit to do it,” it would be crystal clear. But if they make it about babies then women can continue to remain conflicted and not realize the larger establishment that is in place that seeps into every facet of our lives.”

April 10th, 2014

Rachel Barrett Martin, on why she is speaking out this weekend at Emergency Actions

Rachel Barrett Martin is a feminist historian of counterculture; she teaches at San Francisco State University, and lectures at CSU East Bay and UC Berkeley.  She will speak tomorrow night in San Francisco as part of national Emergency Actions this weekend.  She says:

"I am honored to be among the speakers at this Emergency Action. And I do it not just for myself and my students, or as a member of Catholics for Choice, but for many in my life who have struggled for reproductive justice: For the dearest OBGYN friend from college who ponders wearing a bulletproof vest to teach the D&C procedure to medical school students. For another dearest friend from college who worked at the Boston Planned Parenthood that was attacked. For all the women of Minneapolis Women’s Collective who shared their abortion activism stories with me, historicizing pre Roe v Wade reality for my M.A. work. For the women who face gauntlets of “anti-abortion” protesters at the health clinics. For the women who cannot access safe medical terminations, let alone early termination options. For the far too many women injured or dead from unsafe, illegalized abortions. Reproductive Rights Now!”

March 29th, 2014
I think that ‘abortion on demand and without apology’ is a two-part sentence that encapsulates where we ultimately should be on abortion and when we get to where we should be on abortion. When it is a non-issue, when it is considered health care and it’s as valid a decision for a woman as a decision to continue a pregnancy and parent or to continue a pregnancy and opt for not parenting then there will be no need for demand. But there should never be a need for an apology. Apologize to who?
March 29th, 2014
You know, oppressors don’t respond to polite requests. Frederick Douglass said power concedes nothing without a demand, it never has and it never will. That demand for abortion without apology means if you are active in your right as a human being, in the framework of your moral agency, and you are making the decision that should be between you and your provider who is going to provide that service for you, if you have the confidentiality and the privacy to make that decision, to whom should you have to apologize?
March 14th, 2014

The First Week in March 2014 & the Need to Act in April

March 3, in Kalispell, Montana: All Families Healthcare was forced to close indefinitely for repairs after being broken into and vandalized: smashed windows, and damaged and destroyed files, furniture, and equipment. The suspect in custody is the son of a board member of a local crisis pregnancy clinic. The vandalized clinic is one of only 4 abortion providers in the state. There have been 1490 reported acts of vandalism and 42 reported cases of arson against abortion clinics since 1997.

March 4, in Alabama: Alabama’s current restrictions on abortion include: parental consent, state-mandated “counseling” and ultrasounds, mandatory waiting periods (24 hours), and limited access to public funds for reproductive healthcare. In the first week of March, the Alabama House of Representatives passed a six-week “heartbeat ban,” a ban on abortion at six weeks, with no exception for rape or incest. Alabama is one of the poorest states in the nation, with 19 percent of women living below the poverty line. 

March 6, in Rio Grande, Texas: In the aftermath of the package of abortion restrictions passed in Texas last Fall, the last abortion clinic in the Rio Grande was closed on this day after being denied hospital admitting privileges recently mandated. The number of clinics operating in Texas (population: 26 million) has dropped from 44 in 2011 to 24, with 8 more expected to be closed in coming months as the final stages of this legislation go into action. Rio Grande Valley is the poorest region in the state of Texas, and houses two of the poorest cities in the nation.

This is one snapshot of what one week in the current climate of the war on women looks like, in the so-called “land of the free.”

Now is the time! Let’s sound the alarm and change the terms of debate with Emergency Response Actions April 11 & 12 and call many, many more people into the streets. The stakes are high. Reversing this war on women can’t be done by a small group of people or even hundreds. It requires millions, which means ALL OF US who FEEL THIS WAY must ACT ON IT. Start on April 11 & 12. There will be no savior from the Democratic Party. The future we get is up to us. If we act, we can win.

March 13th, 2014

Why I’m Standing Up April 11 & 12 in Emergency Response to the Attacks on Abortion Rights, and Why You Should Join Me

from an activist in the Bay Area:

In 2012, Rep. Todd Akin from Missouri said that women who seek abortions as a result of rape are liars because women don’t get pregnant from rape.

In 2013, Sen. Jason Rapert from Arkansas said the vaginal canal is “the new Mason-Dixon line.”

In 2014, Sen. Steve Martin from Virginia referred to pregnant women as “hosts” for “children,” and Gov Phil Bryant in Mississippi said, “My goal is to end abortion in Mississippi.”

In the years 2011-2013, 203 restrictions against abortion have been passed.

These “representatives” are calling women incubators, objects, property, and liars to top it off, straight from the halls of power. And what Democrat has stood up to say: the movement to abolish abortion is ILLEGITIMATE? What Democrat has said: Nobody who says anything like the above, deserves to have any influence in society? What Democrat has said: Criminalizing abortion MURDERS women, lowers their status to subhuman, and we are ready to fight for unrestricted and unstigmatized access to abortion? That the anti-abortion movement is not about saving babies, it is about controlling women? We will not compromise, because this is a basic right? Because abortion is NOT murder. Because elevating the status of a fetus dehumanizes women.  Because forced motherhood is female enslavement. Not a single one. It’s up to us. It’s up to ME and it’s up to YOU, and we are not alone.

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January 22nd, 2014

Stop Patriarchy & Others Denounce Anti-Abortion Banners, March, and Movement

From Alex Petersburg.

Today I represented Stop Patriarchy and stood in unity with the following speakers, as well as others, to publicly denounce the anti-abortion flags hung on Market St in San Francisco that support the Walk for “Life.”

Somer Loen, president of SF NOW

Larry Everest, Revolution Newspaper

Mona Lisa Wallace, attorney for civil & environmental justice

Curt Wechsler, World Can’t Wait

The flags say “Abortion Hurts Women” and have been displayed on lampposts in anticipation of the anti-abortion march this Saturday. 


Listen for parts of these strong and defiant, truth-telling statements denouncing the lies about abortion on KPFA news tonight at 6PST!

The statement I delivered is below.  Join us, along with Occupy SF and others, in the streets this Saturday to oppose forced motherhood and fight for women’s liberation!

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July 29th, 2013

Dr. Susan Wicklund is a courageous abortion provider who has been especially targeted by anti-abortion forces for speaking out. She has worn a bullet proof vest, carried a gun, and even worn disguises to protect her own safety from death threats.
Thank you, Dr. Wicklund! You are a hero.
Dr. Wicklund is also the author of This Common Secret: My Journey as an Abortion Provider.

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