June 4th, 2014
June 4th, 2014

“Once you open your eyes and start thinking… you start seeing it all around.”

In response to the recent UCSB shooting, and the #YesAllWomen twitter trend, a High School teacher with Stop Patriarchy helped students to understand this tragedy by diving deeper into issues of Patriarchy, Gender Roles, and Rape Culture with his students. Students examined the way society and media defines supposedly “natural” characteristics of men (strong, dominant) and women (weak, submissive) through sharing of personal experiences and by watching the film “The Codes of Gender”. Students were given the article “Rape, Rape Culture, and the Problem of Patriarchy” by Robert Jensen, and challenged for extra credit to write a response. This is a response by a Senior male student:

My first expressions were wow. I never thought of this before, but it all does make sense. Once you open your eyes and start thinking it does make sense. You start seeing it all around. Especially with the film that you are showing us. The ways people advertise women and men in different ways. The ways men are made to look strong and ready to act to their environment, compared to women looking fragile and “out of breath” not being able to take what the world is giving them.

I started thinking and this is shown all around not just in advertisements. The way that I thought about rape was that it was the horrible act done by one person acting either on his own account or acting that way because of a mental illness. But I never thought that maybe the media and society around us sort of pushing us in a direction. When thinking about rape, the thing that I thought about was Law and Order SVU, which is a show specifically about sex crime. Most of my thinking on the topic was sort of based on this show. But thinking about it the show gives you a look at rape, but what they show you is wrong. The two main characters in the show are Olivia and Eliot, both detectives that fight against rape and sexual assaults in New York. But reading this article made me think this show is stupid beyond belief. Olivia is a women that has a horrible background, with a rapist father. While Eliot is Marine and strong that shows no emotion no matter the situation. The message of the show is putting away rapist and sexual deviants, while still depicting one of the main causes of rape, patriarchy. Olivia is overly emotional in many cases, while Eliot usually keeps his calm and is able to control himself and at times takes care of Olivia. Again showing that women need a man to take care of them. This show is not about putting rapists away it is just another example of patriarchy.

Looking back I know now that patriarchy is a problem, and can be found many times throughout your daily lives. Even in a show that the main idea is to stop rape, but it does not hit one of the main points of why rape even occurs. I guess the main thing that I got out of this is thinking about rape in a different way. Seeing advertisements and tv in general in a different ways. Being able to take this knowledge and connect it and see it in other places, and adding and accumulating different things that in the end make me who I am.

May 31st, 2014
May 31st, 2014

Some photos from Seattle and San Francisco’s #YesAllWomen rallies! Come out today in NYC, Philadelphia, and Chicago! The fury of women must be unleashed and heard from every corner of the planet! 

NYC - 3pm Union Sq.

Philadelphia - 4pm Clark Park

Chicago - 1pm State and Jackson


May 28th, 2014

On the UCSB Massacre - We live in a society that dictates that it is human nature for men to be aggressive and controlling

From a California student with Stop Patriarchy

We should remember those lost and injured at the UCSB massacre. We live in a rape culture where women have fear of walking down the streets at night. Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale, wrote that when she asked a male friend why men feel threatened by women. “They are afraid women will laugh at them.” She asked a group of women the same of men. “We’re afraid of being killed.”

There is a militarization of our young boys through pornography, video games, American chauvinism, extreme individualism, institutions of authority and terror, and a culture of rape and male entitlement. It is the patriarchy which grooms and arms young men into accepting masculinity as a capital of dominance and terror. This is an outrage.
Toxic masculinity, male entitlement, and patriarchal notions that men’s titillation come first are pathologies and the war on women is an epidemic. Every 15 seconds, a woman is beaten, maimed, tortured, raped or murdered. Women die everyday at the hands of men and are not isolated occurrences of psychopathy or mental health problems when we live in a society that dictates that it is human nature for men to be aggressive and controlling. The fact is that there is not a safe place in the world for women. Women are more likely to be beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered by their intimate partners in their home than anywhere else.

It’s no exaggeration to say there is a war on women! If what happened at UCSB were to happen at a church congregated by an ethnic minority, we would call this a crime of hate. This is misogyny rooted in patriarchy. If what happened to women were to happen to any section of people in the country or in another country, there would be massive outrage. Females are more likely to be killed in mass shootings. As sociologist Michael Kimmel has said, if women made up the majority of mass shootings against men, you bet gender would be an issue in the news. This was not an isolated or unique occurrence.

The suspect was a victim of countless bullying.
A former classmate said that Rodger was treated by his classmates as an oddball and that students mocked him and played jokes on him; once when Mr. Rodger fell asleep in his seat, classmates taped his head to his desk, he said.

“We said right from the get-go that that kid was going to lose it someday and just freak out,” he said. “Everyone made fun of him and stuff.”

Why do we want to stop talking about bullying the day he murders someone, and then it’s about personal responsibility? “Lock him away and throw away the key!” they say, or “Okay.. now let’s talk about strengthening the family.. We want to pretend that there is no link between bullying and patriarchy and misogyny and violence against women.”

Women do not have access or control over their own bodies. In this culture, women are used, abused, degraded and shamed. The bodies, lives, and futures of women account for nothing unless she can be an object of some man or men’s fantasies and his property.

May 25th, 2014
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May 19th, 2014

Stop Patriarchy was recently asked to remove all anti-pornography messages from a table we had at a Vagina Monologues production, in the name of “sex positivity.” Activists with Stop Patriarchy said, you know that there’s a war on women when the state can keep sex education out of the schools and abolish abortion, while a curious ten-year-old can type “sex” into Google and watch a woman eat shit. This is what we are exposing, and we should all fight it. Porn has nothing to do with sex, and it’s not “positive” in its effects—it does nothing to encourage real intimacy, it makes rape and the absence of consent sexy in the minds of many, and the industry itself continues to intersect with sex trafficking and generally treat women like garbage. The event organizer went on to say that there were women involved in the event who create “feminist pornography.” Stop Patriarchy said that we need a movement for women’s liberation, fighting for a world without a multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry, where women’s bodies are not objects up for sale: not through sex slavery, not in strip clubs, not in porn, no matter who is getting the profit. A world where slavery is rejected not sexualized, and a woman is more than an orifice and receptacle to stuff things into or pump stuff out of.

This is where the connection between the social origins and the social consequences of individual desires must be grasped. Not all theories that seem on the surface to be in opposition to harmful and oppressive tradition actually reflect the kind of world that is possible: a world without slavery in any form. On the contrary, the defining of sex as “whatever you want it to be” when what people want is being shaped by a patriarchal system, is in itself a stamp of approval on the intolerable conditions women face in the world as it is.

March 12th, 2014

Speech for International Women’s Day on the role of the military in the war on women

There were 3,553 sexual assault complaints reported to the Defense Department from October 2012-June 2012. During that same period, there were 219 casualties in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Soldiers were 15 times more likely to be raped by a comrade than to be killed by an enemy.

About 26,000 women and men in the military were sexually assaulted in 2012. About 75% of women her were assaulted did not report the attacks; about 76% of the men who were assaulted didn’t report their attacks either.

The Pentagon estimates that 85% of sexual assault crimes go unreported.

About 40% of victims in one study indicated that the perpetrator was their ranking officer.

During the reported period, only 302 service members faced punishment or dismissal as a result of being charged, which is less than 2.5% of the total suspected number of sexual assaults and rape, yet 62% of victims who reported sexual assault experienced retaliation.

48,100 women and 43,700 men who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, responding to a survey, acknowledged suffering from military sexual trauma.

According to the Department of Labor, between 20-48% of female veterans were sexually assaulted in the military. More women leave the military with post-traumatic stress disorder from rape than from combat.

In the past 25 years, more than 500,000 people have been sexually assaulted in the military.

90% of survivors of sexual assault in the military are involuntarily discharged.

80% of perpetrators and those accused are discharged with honor.

I could rattle off statistics all day about the abuses of the military, but I’d rather talk about fear. There is rampant fear within the military, to report abuses, to fight back, to speak out against this toxic atmosphere. There is fear outside of the military as well.

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January 29th, 2014

Blaming the Victim will NEVER solve the problem! We Need to Tell The TRUTH because it Matters!

By Pete Ha

Do you believe “Abortion on demand and without apology” is too extreme? Do you agree with the statement but believe others could not? If so, think about who this applies to. Should SOME women have access to abortion and others cannot? Should SOME women apologize for their abortions? Would you allow someone EVER to blame themselves? Would you settle with their reasoning and validate their self-blame for WHATEVER this culture that degrades, subjugates, commodifies women has to say about women to continue these lies that women are incubators, abortion is murder, and fetuses are babies? NO, you would say “I can understand why you’re blaming yourself, but I have to say it’s not your fault. You’re not alone. 1 in 3 women have had an abortion and it’s not murder. There is NOTHING wrong with abortions. What your family or religion or culture dictates is not true at all. You are a beautiful human being capable of making your own decisions.” For those who do not want to have an abortion, they don’t have to. Abortion is a fundamental right for women, and no one has the right to shame or harass women for what they do with their bodies. We can ALL be a part of the LIBERATION GENERATION and say ABORTION ON DEMAND so anyone who wants or needs one can get one and WITHOUT APOLOGY so we can begin to no longer live in a culture that shames, blames, or forces HALF OF HUMANITY, that is, the female gender, to apologize for WHATEVER.
Sign the statement in support of Abortion on Demand!
November 22nd, 2013
November 19th, 2013

A Matter of Principle: Uniting to Fight, with Room for Struggle

Today we heard from a young activist in Albuquerque who was encouraging folks not to rally to resist the assault on abortion rights with Stop Patriarchy! and others of different perspectives tomorrow at Civic Plaza because Stop Patriarchy! stands up against the multi-billion dollar pornography industry.  He said:

"In case y’all are woo-ed by the awesome name ‘stop patriarchy,’ this group is anti-porn, has been pretty yuck to trans women, and made public stories from a confidential abortion feedback that i attended in april, so please try to think about these things before signing on to support them carte blanche."  He then went on to say he would rather deal with the anti-abortion movement than with us.

We respond to anyone who might hesitate for similar reasons:

 If you are satisfied with sitting silently on the sidelines while the right to abortion is stripped away state by state, if you have made peace with the fact that Christian fascists maintain a moral high ground as women are reduced to incubators, if you are excited about waiting for elections as new anti-abortion laws get slammed through at a breakneck pace, stay home.  Otherwise, show up and FIGHT.  In the meantime, let’s struggle over the question of women’s bodies being commodified by porn and it’s contribution to rape culture, let’s argue it out, and let’s definitely check our facts when it comes to personal attacks and confidential info (we shared our own stories and those with permission).  This is actually an abortion rights emergency, so we can fight this through based on that kind of unity and argue out the rest, or we can remain demobilized and cede the future to religious fanatics.  Which will you do?

Not in Albuquerque?  Add your unique voice to this essential effort at:


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