October 6th, 2011

In NYC? Join us to stand up for abortion rights Saturday!

This Saturday, a couple of us will be joining the clinic defense on Saturday
a.m. at  Dr. Emily’s Women’s Health Center in the Bronx.  The NY Coalition
for Abortion Clinic Defense is calling on everyone to protest the
anti-choice women-hating “40 Days for Life” campaign and stand with the *heroic abortion providers* at:

Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center
Saturday from 8am-12pm
560 Southern Blvd. Bronx
(E149th St. Station (6) or BX19 bus)

As we say in our statement below: *STAND UP FOR ABORTION RIGHTS* (What do you think of this call to action?)

*Fetuses are not babies. Women are not incubators. Abortion is not murder.*

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