July 28th, 2014

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas
People Hearing (Houston) 7:00 pm CST
Wednesday July 30. Encore Theater 4715 Main Street
Streaming live at www.StopPatriarchy.org

Did you know that a new abortion rights court trial is about to begin in Texas? Do you know what will happen if the state wins this case and even more restrictive measures become state law? JOIN US live in Houston, Texas to talk about this war on women. Why should women’s lives and women’s choices EVER be up for a vote?

July 25th, 2014

Official Info for the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero TX - People’s Hearings!

Wed July 30 7:00 pm CST
Encore Theatre
4715 Main Street

Wed August 6 7:00 pm CST
The Austin Centre
3809 South 2nd Street
Austin 78794

Wednesday August 13 7:00 pm CST
Esperanza Peace & Justice Center
922 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio

Wed August 20 7:00 pm CST
Los Fresnos Inn
906 W. Ocean Blvd
Los Fresnos
Rio Grande Valley


July 22nd, 2014

Susan Brownmiller, renowned feminist author, journalist, and activist, gives a powerful testimony to her 3 illegal abortions and the need for young people especially to stand up for this right, today. 

July 13th, 2014

Photos from Warped Tour in Jones Beach, NY. We went out to recruit, gather support, and raise funds for the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride, and to spread the message that there really is a war on women and its on us to stop it.

This tour is always such an important reminder of why this movement is so needed in this society today. Often times these young concert goers literally run up to our booth with stories to share, with extreme gratitude that we exist and that they found us, and with anger over the way society treats women.

We heard many stories from young people from all over the country, and some from outside the country. One young woman in particular, told her story of being raised in South America by a mother who helped women obtain illegal abortions (her statement above in Spanish). Another young woman, who literally ran up to the booth, explained how she had been so bombarded by the terrible culture all around her at the concert that celebrates the degradation of women. Another, who was so moved reading all our materials, asking immediately how she could get involved with us, told her story of being raped as a young teenager and never telling a soul until many years later due to the shame and fear of being ignored or even punished by her family.

There are so many more stories like these just waiting to pour forward. This shit really is INTOLERABLE; the fact that there really is NO PLACE on this earth where it is safe to be a woman. Those with the courage to step out today and share their stories have the potential to move thousands and soon millions to act to stop this war on women! 

SIGN UP for and DONATE to the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride! Be a part of our incredible community of support! 


July 8th, 2014
July 8th, 2014

Sunsara Taylor on the Abortion Rights Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero Texas.

Across this planet, women are treated like punching bags,women are raped and gang raped; they’re forced under the veil, they’re pimped out, they’re forced to have children against their will, and they’re degraded and insulted and disrespected in countless ways. Right now in this country, there is an all out assault on women’s basic right to abortion and birth control. This is a WAR to force women back to the days of the back alleys of illegal abortions and thousands of deaths, to the days of forced motherhood and female enslavement, where literally millions of women had their lives foreclosed. We must NOT go back to that. We should not put up with any of this! We don’t have to put up with any of this, But if we’re gunna stop this, YOU have to be part of fighting it. 

June 25th, 2014

NOW IS THE TIME: A Statement of Support for the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero Texas

by Carol Downer

[Lawyer; co-founder of Feminist Women’s Health Center - Los Angeles]

I totally support the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride that will take place through Texas this August and possibly through September, and I hope that everyone who values women’s reproductive freedom will support this beginning of a new chapter of the Battle for Women’s Reproductive Rights.

I was there in the mid-1960’s, when abortion was still illegal in much of the United States and women were forced to travel to states and cities where abortion, legal or illegal, was available, or to subject themselves to procedures done by unknown abortionists. I was one of them. I had taken no action to stand up for my reproductive rights, and I didn’t know anyone else who had.

We’re in that same position today. There is a splash of newspaper coverage when one more defeat of the so-called “pro-choice” movement takes place in the courts or the legislatures, or when clinics in Texas close, but mostly life goes on as though nothing significant is happening. Perhaps we send in a few dollars to Planned Parenthood, which has positioned itself as the champion of women’s rights, although that championing is strictly limited to lady-like tactics, not grass-roots organizing.

But, something significant is happening.

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June 23rd, 2014

Sounding the alarm on the abortion rights emergency in NYC, calling on people to sign up for the ride, donate, and send a message on a coat hanger down to the women of Texas! If you are in the NYC area and do not want to see women’s lives foreclosed due to forced motherhood, JOIN US! We will be out every weekend leading up to the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride which kicks off August 1st!

June 16th, 2014

Everybody has a responsibility to stand up NOW!

If nothing changes, starting on September 1st, all but 6 remaining abortion clinics in Texas could be closed (just last year there were over 40 clinics in this second most populated state).

What does this mean?

Women will start dying from botched illegal abortions. Other women will be sent to prison for self-inducing abortions. Thousands more will have their lives foreclosed by being forced to have children they did not want – shattering their dreams, trapping women in brutally abusive relationships, and driving women into humiliating and dangerous poverty.

If this is not stopped, this will spread – to women across the South and then to women everywhere.


This is not a local issue, this is the spearhead of a NATIONAL WAR ON WOMEN. Everyone who does not want to see women enslaved to forced reproduction – no matter where they are and whether or not they will be “directly affected” – has a responsibility to stand up NOW against this assault on women’s most basic and fundamental rights.

There are many people doing good work in Texas to stand up for abortion rights. This is very positive and very important.

At the same time, it must be said bluntly: much more is needed. The people must prevent more clinic closures and together wage the massive, nation-wide resistance necessary to reverse this whole deadly trajectory.

Stop Patriarchy is mobilizing people to go to Texas for an Abortion Rights Freedom Ride this summer because we refuse to sit back and allow women to be slammed back to the horrors of pre-Roe conditions. We draw inspiration from the original Freedom Riders because of their willingness to put everything on the line to stop a horrible injustice that millions had grown to accept as “just the way things are.” At stake today is whether an entire oppressed section of society – women – will be legally treated as less than fully human. We seek to work with and learn from everyone who wants to stand up and we respect that people will do this in different ways. Everyone is needed! Within this, we – as should all others – hold ourselves accountable first and foremost to the lives and futures of women across this country and worldwide. We pledge to put ourselves on the line in this fight in every way we can identify that will serve reversing this direction.

June 1st, 2014
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