July 23rd, 2014

With just 1 week left until the official launch of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero TX…

Today, be someone who dares to take a stand for women’s lives.

Join the resistance.

July 22nd, 2014

"Not the Time to be Ladylike and Follow Rules Doled Out by the Establishment"

by Mary Lou Singleton, licensed Midwife and Family Nurse Practitioner, as well as Founder of Personhood for Women.

Like most women who believe they deserve full human rights and dignity, I am furious. Actually, I alternate between feelings of total despair and full-bodied rage as I watch the rights of women in the United States, like those of women all over the world, erode to the point where we are considered nothing more than public breeding stock. I live in a country that has failed for close to 100 years to give women full constitutional rights in the form of the Equal Rights Amendment, but now recognizes constitutional and human rights for capitalist corporations. Worse yet, constitutional rights and protections are being legally conferred to fertilized eggs, embryos, and fetuses. The lack of a ratified ERA combined with codification of fetal personhood together relegate women in the US to the legal status of state-regulated incubators.

I am a life-long women’s rights activist and have been a practicing midwife for over 20 years. Midwives carry the privelege and burden of knowing and witnessing the most private details of women’s lives. From this knowledge, I am fully aware that the majority of the women I have served have made the decision to abort a pregnancy at some point in their reproductive lives. From conversations with other midwives, I believe the often quoted statistic that one in three women will have an abortion is an understatement. Very rarely do I encounter a woman who regrets her decision to have an abortion. More frequently I hear the tearful confession of a woman who is having post-partum depression or difficulty bonding or alienation from older children telling me that she never wanted to have children in the first place but felt she had no choice. Sadly, as I watch the erosion of abortion rights in our country, I expect to hear more and more of these confessions.

I support the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride because no other organization in the country is speaking the full truth about abortion rights. Forced motherhood absolutely is female enslavement. Without the right to abortion on demand, women are not free. There is no greater human rights abuse than forcing a woman to endure the threats to her emotional and physical health that are inherent in pregnancy and childbirth against her will. There is no more misogynist statement than the odious, “Adoption, not abortion.” Forcing women to gestate and give birth is barbaric and criminal.

I support the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride because under the guidance of the Democratic Party and mainstream pro-choice organizations, the right to abortion has basically disappeared in large swaths of our country. I no longer believe that following the instructions of the non-profit industrial complex and the Democratic Party will do anything to stop the erosion of women’s rights, let alone lead to an expansion of abortion rights in the US.

This is not the time to be nice and ladylike and follow the rules doled out by the same establishment that has failed to protect us from having our rights ripped away. This is an emergency.

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July 22nd, 2014

Susan Brownmiller, renowned feminist author, journalist, and activist, gives a powerful testimony to her 3 illegal abortions and the need for young people especially to stand up for this right, today. 

July 14th, 2014

FUCK TRADITION! At San Francisco Pride with our stickers, sign up sheet, and poster. Our radically simple approach inspired many; lots of people took stickers, signed up with us, donated, and wanted to come on the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride. This is something anyone could do just about anywhere, to wake people up, and draw them into this movement! 


June 25th, 2014

Three Lessons on the Anniversary of Wendy Davis’s Filibuster of Anti-Abortion Restrictions

by Sunsara Taylor

In many cities across Texas, celebrations are being organized on July 25th to celebrate the one year anniversary of Wendy Davis’s filibuster of the anti-abortion bill SB5. The following are three points for everyone reflecting on this anniversary.

1. There are tens of thousands of people in Texas, as well as even more across the country as a whole, who can be mobilized to stand up and fight for abortion rights. In the days preceding and then throughout Davis’s filibuster, many thousands of people flooded into the Texas capitol to speak publicly of their abortions, to voice their anger at the proposal to take this right away from huge numbers of women, to scream and yell and disrupt business as usual, and even to get arrested on behalf of protecting women’s right to abortion. This is an indication of the depth, breadth and ferocity of the reservoir of potential fighters not only for women’s full reproductive freedom but also for the full liberation of women against all forms of degradation, violence, discrimination, sexual assault, and enslavement.

2. The fact that, despite this outpouring of opposition, the government went ahead and passed these draconian anti-woman, anti-abortion restrictions, that many abortion clinics have been forced to close, and that all but six remaining clinics are set to close on September 1st just shows that while the battle must rage in many spheres, relying on the official structures and channels of politics can only lead to disaster. For the last forty years, the battle over abortion has repeatedly moved further and further to the right so that consistently yesterday’s outrage becomes today’s compromise position and tomorrow’s limit of what can be imagined. This has gone on not only in Texas, but across the country. As the entire spectrum of official politics moves further and further to the right, this direction can not be reversed simply by strengthening the “left end” of that spectrum. It is necessary to step outside of these official channels and fight against this whole direction.

3. Now is the time for everyone who does not want to see women reduced to breeders and forced to have children against their will to stand up and join in mass, independent, political resistance. Through our actions and our uncompromising truth-telling, we must set different terms throughout society – making clear to everyone that the fight over abortion has never been about babies and has always been about whether women will be enslaved to their reproduction or treated as full human beings. NOW is the time to step forward – by ourselves if we must and together where we can – to declare boldly: Abortion On Demand and Without Apology! Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement! One critical effort underway is the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero Texas which is coming in August and into September. I invite and urge everyone to get involved with this effort, on the ground in Texas and as a “virtual Freedom Rider” from anywhere in the country. Together we must create a political situation where the courts and the powers that be are worried about massive levels of protest, militant non-violent resistance, and massive disaffection should they rule negatively. This is critical for the women in Texas and as a key front in reversing this deadly trajectory nation-wide. Everyone has a role to play and the future of women as a whole is at stake!

Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution Newspaper (revcom.us) and initiator of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women (StopPatriarchy.org).


June 16th, 2014

In light of recent threats directed at Stop Patriarchy by forces who claim to care about women’s rights:

For example, the following tweet:


There is a long and sordid history of the FBI and highly repressive US state taking advantage of unprincipled attacks and threats against individuals and movements involved in standing up against oppression and injustice to get people set up for harassment, isolation, prison, and even murder.

Vigorous debate over the way forward are not only healthy, but necessary. This is how we all learn and how we can forge the deepest unity in the fight against the common enemy, even as we give space to our differences. We in Stop Patriarchy welcome such debate, including criticism of our approach and thinking.

But threats, ad hominim attacks, and wrecking activities are something else entirely. What ever the intent of the person(s) carrying them out, they are objectively doing the work of the highly repressive state. This never serves the interests of the people. It only serves to cripple and intimidate movements of opposition and to demoralize and disorient the masses of people who so desperately need a better world.

*We have omitted the name because we do not promote individuals who make threats, and because we think it is important to give individuals a chance to correct their ways.

June 16th, 2014

Everybody has a responsibility to stand up NOW!

If nothing changes, starting on September 1st, all but 6 remaining abortion clinics in Texas could be closed (just last year there were over 40 clinics in this second most populated state).

What does this mean?

Women will start dying from botched illegal abortions. Other women will be sent to prison for self-inducing abortions. Thousands more will have their lives foreclosed by being forced to have children they did not want – shattering their dreams, trapping women in brutally abusive relationships, and driving women into humiliating and dangerous poverty.

If this is not stopped, this will spread – to women across the South and then to women everywhere.


This is not a local issue, this is the spearhead of a NATIONAL WAR ON WOMEN. Everyone who does not want to see women enslaved to forced reproduction – no matter where they are and whether or not they will be “directly affected” – has a responsibility to stand up NOW against this assault on women’s most basic and fundamental rights.

There are many people doing good work in Texas to stand up for abortion rights. This is very positive and very important.

At the same time, it must be said bluntly: much more is needed. The people must prevent more clinic closures and together wage the massive, nation-wide resistance necessary to reverse this whole deadly trajectory.

Stop Patriarchy is mobilizing people to go to Texas for an Abortion Rights Freedom Ride this summer because we refuse to sit back and allow women to be slammed back to the horrors of pre-Roe conditions. We draw inspiration from the original Freedom Riders because of their willingness to put everything on the line to stop a horrible injustice that millions had grown to accept as “just the way things are.” At stake today is whether an entire oppressed section of society – women – will be legally treated as less than fully human. We seek to work with and learn from everyone who wants to stand up and we respect that people will do this in different ways. Everyone is needed! Within this, we – as should all others – hold ourselves accountable first and foremost to the lives and futures of women across this country and worldwide. We pledge to put ourselves on the line in this fight in every way we can identify that will serve reversing this direction.

June 1st, 2014
March 17th, 2014

Clinic Closures, Terror, and the True Emergency Facing Abortion Rights Its WORSE Than You Think—We Must Act to Stop It NOW!


by Sunsara Taylor | March 17, 2014 | Revolution Newspaper | revcom.us

On March 6, the last abortion clinic in the impoverished Rio Grande region of Texas stopped providing abortions. Today, any woman there who needs an abortion must make a 300-mile round-trip to the next closest clinic. Many will never make that trip. Instead, they will be trapped in abusive relationships, be driven (deeper) into poverty, or take desperate measures—like prostitution—to support a child they did not want. Others will die attempting to self-induce abortions.

Just last year, Texas had 44 abortion clinics. By September, if nothing changes, there will only be six. But, as harrowing as that is, this problem is not restricted to Texas.

It’s WORSE Than You Think

203 abortion restrictions have been passed in the last three years. Three abortion clinics have closed in Ohio since last summer. Two have closed in Virginia. Michigan went from 19 abortion providers in 2009 to just six by 2011. Arizona lost 12 abortion clinics since 2010. Pennsylvania lost five. Five states have only one abortion clinic left and one of those states—Mississippi—is in danger of losing even that clinic; on April 28, the same Federal District court that upheld the clinic closures in Texas will rule on a similar law which would close the last clinic in Mississippi.

On March 3, a clinic in Montana was so viciously vandalized that it has been closed indefinitely. Last year, a man attempted twice to burn down a Planned Parenthood in Missouri and another man was convicted of planning to assassinate an abortion doctor in Wisconsin. In total, eight doctors and staff have been murdered for providing abortions.

Already, women across the country who cannot access safe abortions are attempting to self-abort. They are inserting sharp objects up their vaginas, taking pills, asking their boyfriends to beat them up, throwing themselves down the stairs, drinking dangerous amounts, and more. A study done in 2012 found that 12 percent of women near the Mexico border who came in for abortions had already attempted to induce their own abortions but failed. Now, with the clinics near them in Texas closed, that number will inevitably rise.

This Must Be Stopped!

If this war on women is not directly confronted in its totality, if it is not called out and opposed in uncompromising terms, and if it is not massively resisted and decisively defeated very, very soon, a new and horrific “normalcy” will be hammered into place. Backed up by the weight of thousands of years of tradition’s chains on women, the growing strength of Christian fascist theocrats, and the crushing force of the state, women’s lives are being foreclosed and broken and the future of all women is at risk.

What is needed right now is a massive outpouring of rage. Everyone who does not want to see women forced to have children against their will, who does not want to see women forced into a position that is tantamount to slavery, must act to stop this now.

read the full article here:


March 9th, 2014
Reblogged from NYC Revolution Club
March 3rd, 2014

STAND UP on March 8th for International Women’s Day!

March 8:    International Women’s Day

  • Abortion on Demand and Without Apology!
  • End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women!
  • Fight for the Liberation of Women All Over the World!
Abortion rights are in a state of emergency! 203 new restrictions to abortion were passed in the last three years. Five states have only one abortion clinic left. Anti-woman bigots harass women at abortion clinics across the country. Ninety-seven percent of rural counties have no abortion providers. Upcoming court rulings threaten to close dozens more clinics nationwide. Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement!

Meanwhile, women are slammed backwards in every realm: from the mainstreaming of violent and degrading pornography to the global epidemic of rape, from a culture that celebrates pimping to the shaming of women who choose to have sex outside of marriage, and from the sexual enslavement of millions of women and girls in the sex industry to the widespread celebration of Pope Francis while he has changed nothing of church doctrine that enslaves and humiliates women and LGBT people.

Take to the streets this International Women’s Day. Through our public resistance we will expose the illegitimacy of this whole war on women and put the woman-haters on notice that we will not sit silently by. We will express our outrage and bring alive a culture of defiance and liberation. We will wake up and rally forth many thousands more, refusing to stop until we win.

The future of women is at stake. Which side are YOU on?
New York City
12 Noon: St. Patrick’s Cathedral 
[5th Ave. btw. 50-51st Streets]
12:30: March and protest against sites of the war on women
For info and to get involved:StopPatriarchy@gmail.com
San Francisco Bay Area
12 Noon: St. Mary’s Cathedral 
[Geary & Gough]
12:30: March and protest against sites of the war on women
For info and to get involved: 
12 Noon: Holy Name Cathedral
(Red Line, Chicago Stop) 
12:30: March and protest against sites of the war on women
For info and to get involved: 
1pm: Seattle Central Community College Plaza
[Broadway & Pine]
Speak out & March
For info and to get involved: 
Los Angeles 
11 am: Adams & Figueroa.  Abortion on Demand & Without Apology!  Support the HER clinic and oppose the anti-abortionists.
2:30pm:  Hollywood and Vine train station.  March and protest at the sites of the war on women.
12 noon: Protest at Alternaterm—the FAKE women’s clinic in Cleveland Heights, 2026 Lee Rd. Bring signs, banners, drums, your friends!
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