June 25th, 2014

Three Lessons on the Anniversary of Wendy Davis’s Filibuster of Anti-Abortion Restrictions

by Sunsara Taylor

In many cities across Texas, celebrations are being organized on July 25th to celebrate the one year anniversary of Wendy Davis’s filibuster of the anti-abortion bill SB5. The following are three points for everyone reflecting on this anniversary.

1. There are tens of thousands of people in Texas, as well as even more across the country as a whole, who can be mobilized to stand up and fight for abortion rights. In the days preceding and then throughout Davis’s filibuster, many thousands of people flooded into the Texas capitol to speak publicly of their abortions, to voice their anger at the proposal to take this right away from huge numbers of women, to scream and yell and disrupt business as usual, and even to get arrested on behalf of protecting women’s right to abortion. This is an indication of the depth, breadth and ferocity of the reservoir of potential fighters not only for women’s full reproductive freedom but also for the full liberation of women against all forms of degradation, violence, discrimination, sexual assault, and enslavement.

2. The fact that, despite this outpouring of opposition, the government went ahead and passed these draconian anti-woman, anti-abortion restrictions, that many abortion clinics have been forced to close, and that all but six remaining clinics are set to close on September 1st just shows that while the battle must rage in many spheres, relying on the official structures and channels of politics can only lead to disaster. For the last forty years, the battle over abortion has repeatedly moved further and further to the right so that consistently yesterday’s outrage becomes today’s compromise position and tomorrow’s limit of what can be imagined. This has gone on not only in Texas, but across the country. As the entire spectrum of official politics moves further and further to the right, this direction can not be reversed simply by strengthening the “left end” of that spectrum. It is necessary to step outside of these official channels and fight against this whole direction.

3. Now is the time for everyone who does not want to see women reduced to breeders and forced to have children against their will to stand up and join in mass, independent, political resistance. Through our actions and our uncompromising truth-telling, we must set different terms throughout society – making clear to everyone that the fight over abortion has never been about babies and has always been about whether women will be enslaved to their reproduction or treated as full human beings. NOW is the time to step forward – by ourselves if we must and together where we can – to declare boldly: Abortion On Demand and Without Apology! Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement! One critical effort underway is the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero Texas which is coming in August and into September. I invite and urge everyone to get involved with this effort, on the ground in Texas and as a “virtual Freedom Rider” from anywhere in the country. Together we must create a political situation where the courts and the powers that be are worried about massive levels of protest, militant non-violent resistance, and massive disaffection should they rule negatively. This is critical for the women in Texas and as a key front in reversing this deadly trajectory nation-wide. Everyone has a role to play and the future of women as a whole is at stake!

Sunsara Taylor is a writer for Revolution Newspaper (revcom.us) and initiator of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women (StopPatriarchy.org).


June 23rd, 2014

Sounding the alarm on the abortion rights emergency in NYC, calling on people to sign up for the ride, donate, and send a message on a coat hanger down to the women of Texas! If you are in the NYC area and do not want to see women’s lives foreclosed due to forced motherhood, JOIN US! We will be out every weekend leading up to the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride which kicks off August 1st!

June 16th, 2014

Everybody has a responsibility to stand up NOW!

If nothing changes, starting on September 1st, all but 6 remaining abortion clinics in Texas could be closed (just last year there were over 40 clinics in this second most populated state).

What does this mean?

Women will start dying from botched illegal abortions. Other women will be sent to prison for self-inducing abortions. Thousands more will have their lives foreclosed by being forced to have children they did not want – shattering their dreams, trapping women in brutally abusive relationships, and driving women into humiliating and dangerous poverty.

If this is not stopped, this will spread – to women across the South and then to women everywhere.


This is not a local issue, this is the spearhead of a NATIONAL WAR ON WOMEN. Everyone who does not want to see women enslaved to forced reproduction – no matter where they are and whether or not they will be “directly affected” – has a responsibility to stand up NOW against this assault on women’s most basic and fundamental rights.

There are many people doing good work in Texas to stand up for abortion rights. This is very positive and very important.

At the same time, it must be said bluntly: much more is needed. The people must prevent more clinic closures and together wage the massive, nation-wide resistance necessary to reverse this whole deadly trajectory.

Stop Patriarchy is mobilizing people to go to Texas for an Abortion Rights Freedom Ride this summer because we refuse to sit back and allow women to be slammed back to the horrors of pre-Roe conditions. We draw inspiration from the original Freedom Riders because of their willingness to put everything on the line to stop a horrible injustice that millions had grown to accept as “just the way things are.” At stake today is whether an entire oppressed section of society – women – will be legally treated as less than fully human. We seek to work with and learn from everyone who wants to stand up and we respect that people will do this in different ways. Everyone is needed! Within this, we – as should all others – hold ourselves accountable first and foremost to the lives and futures of women across this country and worldwide. We pledge to put ourselves on the line in this fight in every way we can identify that will serve reversing this direction.

June 1st, 2014
May 31st, 2014

Some photos from Seattle and San Francisco’s #YesAllWomen rallies! Come out today in NYC, Philadelphia, and Chicago! The fury of women must be unleashed and heard from every corner of the planet! 

NYC - 3pm Union Sq.

Philadelphia - 4pm Clark Park

Chicago - 1pm State and Jackson


May 19th, 2014

Stop Patriarchy was recently asked to remove all anti-pornography messages from a table we had at a Vagina Monologues production, in the name of “sex positivity.” Activists with Stop Patriarchy said, you know that there’s a war on women when the state can keep sex education out of the schools and abolish abortion, while a curious ten-year-old can type “sex” into Google and watch a woman eat shit. This is what we are exposing, and we should all fight it. Porn has nothing to do with sex, and it’s not “positive” in its effects—it does nothing to encourage real intimacy, it makes rape and the absence of consent sexy in the minds of many, and the industry itself continues to intersect with sex trafficking and generally treat women like garbage. The event organizer went on to say that there were women involved in the event who create “feminist pornography.” Stop Patriarchy said that we need a movement for women’s liberation, fighting for a world without a multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry, where women’s bodies are not objects up for sale: not through sex slavery, not in strip clubs, not in porn, no matter who is getting the profit. A world where slavery is rejected not sexualized, and a woman is more than an orifice and receptacle to stuff things into or pump stuff out of.

This is where the connection between the social origins and the social consequences of individual desires must be grasped. Not all theories that seem on the surface to be in opposition to harmful and oppressive tradition actually reflect the kind of world that is possible: a world without slavery in any form. On the contrary, the defining of sex as “whatever you want it to be” when what people want is being shaped by a patriarchal system, is in itself a stamp of approval on the intolerable conditions women face in the world as it is.

April 13th, 2014

Abortion rights are in a state of emergency and headed for disaster.  Urgently needed: uncompromising resistance.  We WON’T go back to the days of back-alley and coat hanger abortions, and women condemned to domestic servitude against their wills.  Abortion on demand and without apology!

Join the resistance: www.StopPatriarchy.org

April 9th, 2014

From Jefferson City, Missouri - Stop Patriarchy supporters attend a rally called for by NOW. Check out the newspaper rack at the public library,  with a stealth “special edition” of The News Tribune!

March 19th, 2014

We ARE building a movement to end this vicious war on women! The only thing missing is YOU!

Urgently Needed: A force of people across the nation who are outraged at the all-out assault against abortion rights, uniting to change the terms of this debate, and standing in uncompromising resistance to expose and oppose the anti-woman agenda of the anti-abortion movement. Read below, Sunsara Taylor on Taking Patriarchy by Storm in 2012, then get involved at StopPatriarchy.org!

"One of the things we all learned very deeply through this experience is that after having spent a life-time of trying to avoid situations in which women are degraded and demeaned, after seeking to avoid sexual assault and rape, street harassment or stigma cast at us for getting abortions or using birth control or daring to have sex and actually enjoy it, after doing all this and failing anyhow (as all women fail to do because these things cannot be avoided in a world based on male-domination), we discovered that the most liberated spaces are those that we create by going right in the face of the greatest concentrations of patriarchy and oppressive power. Standing up and fighting – right inside the Hooters, inside the porn stores, inside St. Patrick’s and many other places – was more liberating, and contributes more to the liberation of women, than trying to avoid these places and hope they will go away."


March 19th, 2014

A Call for YOU to Get Involved in Organizing Emergency Actions to Stop the War on Women! April 11 & 12, 2014

The Blood Of Women Is On Their Hands!
Abortion On Demand and Without Apology!

April 11: Public Programs
April 12: Bloody Coat-Hangers Street Actions


April 11th – Public Programs: Hold programs on/in campuses, communities, religious congregations, and theaters bringing alive: women’s abortion stories – before Roe and today, the struggles of those who risk their lives to provide abortions, and the full anti-woman program driving this war.

April 12th – Bloody Coat-Hanger Street Actions: Assemble at institutions behind this war (GOP or Dem. offices, anti-abortion churches, Pregnancy Crisis Centers, etc.).  People wearing all white will raise coat-hangers dripping in blood, representing the women who die when abortion is unavailable.  Others in all black will hold pictures, names and statistics of the women who have died already.  Everyone will wear shackles.  After one hour of silent protest, people will break the shackles and recite a pledge to resist and call on others to join in mass resistance to defeat this war.

When abortion is illegal or unavailable, women die.  An estimated 5,000+ women died each year in the U.S. before abortion was legal and 47,000 die world wide each year currently from unsafe and illegal abortions.  Further, when abortion is not available, millions more women have their lives foreclosed as they are forced to bear children against their will and all women are devalued and subjugated.

Yet today in the U.S., abortion rights in the U.S. hang by a thread.

In the last three years, 203 restrictions on abortion rights have been passed.  Last year Texas had over forty clinics that provided abortions, by September there will be only six left.  Five states have only one abortion clinic.  On March 3rd, an abortion clinic in Montana was closed indefinitely after severe vandalism.  Everywhere, a tremendous stigma hangs over women who get abortions.

This must be stopped!  And WE must take the responsibility to stop it.

The fight over abortion has never been about babies.  It has always been about control over women.  Forcing women to have children against their will is a form of enslavement.

Join in organizing serious manifestations of determined resistance to defeat this war on women.

Our aims: 1. To change the terms so that millions come to see that this fight is over women’s liberation or women’s enslavement.  2. To seize back the moral high ground.  3. To make a major leap in building a movement that relies on ourselves and provide a launching pad and call for thousands and ultimately millions to join in this resistance to REVERSE THESE ATTACKS and DEFEAT THIS WAR ON WOMEN.

Contact us today: StopPatriarchy.org


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