December 31st, 2012

What exactly is the March / Walk for “Life”?

March for “Life”

The March for “Life” is a reactionary movement led by Christian fundamentalists with the agenda of redefining life in the Constitution so that abortion is illegal on the federal level.  It began in 1974 on the first anniversary of Roe v. Wade to protest the legalization of abortion.  Since then it has grown by the hundreds of thousands.  This movement concentrates a whole society that LIES to women and actively keeps them from understanding their own biology, and stigmatizes and shames them for having abortions, all the while lobbying and passing anti-contraceptive (!) and anti-abortion legislation that both objectifies and threatens women.  On January 25, 2013 these hordes will take to the streets of DC and shove super-sized photographs of mutilated stillborns into the faces of women everywhere and call them murderers, again. 

Walk for “Life” West Coast

The Walk for “Life” West Coast is a mass mobilization of anti-abortion activists from around the country that will descend for the 9th time on San Francisco (an extension of the March for “Life”) and fill the streets with their doctored photos of stillborns, dehumanizing polarization of women as either incubators or murderers, and all the messages of objectification, enslavement, shame, and condemnation that typifies this front of the War on Women.  On January 26, 2013 this mob will go out in the style of the March for “Life” to protest the right to abortion in the US, and celebrate how it is hanging by a thread, and they will go completely unopposed unless we unite to RESIST. 

The Need for Resistance

This year the Anti-Abortion movement clearly has the system on their side.  The war on women rages, and it is winning.  The last year has seen 92 restrictions on abortion (that’s right, under Obama), while the Democrats do nothing but dribble weak rhetoric and accept the terms set by the right wing: that abortion is murder.  To quote the recent article Abortion: Stigmatized and Endangered, Time for Massive, Uncompromising Struggle by Sunsara Taylor, writer for Revolution Newspaper and initiator of End Pornography & Patriarchy: The Enslavement & Degradation of Women:  
More than one in four poor women who seek abortions cannot afford one and end up burdened with a child against their will. Women who are able to scrounge up the money must run a gauntlet of extreme and medically unnecessary restrictions from mandatory waiting periods to parental notification laws to being forced to endure a probe inserted into their vaginas, and more. Today, 97% of rural counties do not have an abortion provider. And whole generations have grown up never having heard anyone speak of abortion as something positive and moral.
Women and men who are fed up with this dangerous dynamic need to SHOW UP on one coast or the other to say, actually ABORTION IS NOT MURDER, because FETUSES ARE NOT BABIES, and WOMEN ARE NOT INCUBATORS, or objects, or property, to strip of this basic right of controlling their own reproduction, their own futures, and their own lives.  And to the debilitated “pro choice” movement and the Democrats who are always talking about not taking abortion lightly, not using it as birth control, no late term abortions, only in the case of rape or incest or underage pregnancy, and so on, and so forth:  The minute you accepted the terms of the right wing, you lost your credibility.  Abortion is NOT even “justifiable” homicide.  It isn’t homicide at all.  Your context for the issue of abortion access should be the larger economic, political, and ideological war on women, and then your knee jerk reaction to the issue itself will never be to apologize for your position as your opening line!  While they continue to apologize, women’s lives are in peril!  Abortion just isn’t murder!  Contribute TODAY to planting a new pole — mobilizing a new movement that is bold, unapologetic, and determined to win — in any of many ways, using the links below.


To register to participate in DC, or see a schedule of events, CLICK HERE.
Have questions or another idea about how to contribute?  Email:


To register to confront and oppose the Walk for “Life” WC in 1/26, CLICK HERE.
Have questions, want to find out more about activities on 1/22, or to help organize & build for 1/26?  Email:

Or donate today to resistance on both coasts!

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