December 29th, 2012

The picture above is from protests in New Dehli, India, in the wake of a horrific gang rape that killed the woman- who was hospitalized for 10 days, and was even transported to Singapore to receive specialized medical treatment.  The woman was in her early 20’s, a med student, and was on the bus with a friend, when she was attacked by a group of men- they beat both her and her friend, the group of men raped her, also raped her with a metal rod, stripped them, and threw them off the bus.  She suffered severe organ damage, lung infection, and brain damage.

Here are some initial comments from members of End Pornography and Patriarchy about this atrocity:

The woman who was kidnapped and gang-raped and beaten brutally on a bus two weeks ago has just died.  This is a fucking outrage.  Many thousands have protested in Delhi and other parts of India, which is very good.

To all those who have been asked what harm porn & the sex industry do, this was not a sole lunatic man.  This was a whole group of men who together saw this as something that they could do “for fun” — and ALL of them participated in this.  This is a CULTURAL thing, not an individual thing.  And it is not a big fucking coincidence that one of the most popular forms of pornography is GANGRAPE PORN.  Nor is it all that coincidental that one of the biggest sellers of official commercial porn is the “Bang Bus” series — where a couple of guys drive around and pick up random women under the guise of just offering them a ride and then proceed to “convince” them to do all sorts of degrading sex acts for money, but then kick them off the bus without paying — laughing and filming their anger as they get left on the side of some random street.

This is a sick, sick, brutal and horrific culture — one we must fight and end.

I just saw this news on a tumblr post. The doctors caring for her had the gall to say that she died ‘peacefully.’ Not sure WTF they were referring to…doesn’t sound like it was at ALL a peaceful way to die.

I really agree with the comment about porn, in particular gang rape porn…these incidents of gang rape aren’t somehow isolated from the larger society and culture. There was a gang rape that happened to a 16 year old HS girl in Stuebenville, OH by members of the HS football team in August 2012.  She did not know what had happened to her- she was unconscious/drunk throughout the rape.  The town evidently wanted to cover over that this had happened, but they seem to have gained the attention of a group called Anonymous.

There are other gang rapes that have also been turned into ‘virtual’ pornography, like the Richmond gang rape:

There is also the list of women raped in India that someone sent out….the woman that was subjected to rape after rape, after rape. After the first rape, being discarded, and left for dead, but then found by some men, raped by them, discarded again, found by yet more men and raped again, ….that is absolutely horrific, and a very clear example of patriarchy- not just one or two lunatics acting alone.

Not only is pornography an influence on men seeing gang rape as a way to get off, and bonding together over the brutality they are inflicting on the woman/women they gang rape, then they can turn the actual rapes into pornography, for more men to bond over, to influence how those men see sex/women, etc….  Insane feedback loop, that more people need to get clarity on!!!  How HORRIFYING that this shit happens to women, that pornography and rape and GANG RAPE happens to women.   There are just no words for this kind of shit. 

How anyone can justify any rape on the grounds that “she really wanted it” I call BULLSHIT on that.  Yet again, another myth made with porn…that she says no, but really means yes.  To quote Andrea Dworkin: “The only fiction in pornography is the smile on the woman’s face.”

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