July 30th, 2014

Why I’m a Freedom Rider for Women’s Lives…

Because: Women’s lives MATTER. Women are HALF of HUMANITY, and deserve to be treated as full human beings in every sphere of society. When abortion, birth control, and scientific sex education are out of women’s reach, all of society is held down and slammed backward.

Because: There is a national assault on the right to abortion, and people have forgotten, or have never before heard, the truth about what happens to women’s bodies and lives when abortion is illegal. Women in Texas and other parts of the US are already employing dangerous methods to induce abortion: black market drugs, sticking sharp objects like coat hangers and knitting needles into their vaginal canals, purposely getting into a fight or having someone beat them in the stomach, falling down stairs, all to avoid the shame and stigma of abortion or because they cannot access safe and legal abortion care. Without abortion, women will be forced to bear children EVERY single time they get pregnant, their lives foreclosed and shackled to the breeding and raising of children, their dreams crushed, their hopes betrayed. Young girls will all grow up in a society that teaches them that this is their future, and they won’t even BEGIN to dream of what they want to be, or what kind of world they want to live in when they grow up.

Because: LOOK, just look at all this stigma and shame, all this ignorance of women’s bodies’ and basic biology, all this SHAME that’s spewed at women just for having sex, and all this ignorance about the FACT that abortion is not shameful or tragic, that its a safe, common, positive and liberating medical procedure…look at all these fucked up laws, ideas and culture that keeps women locked into these desperate measures! These life and death measures!

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July 30th, 2014
July 29th, 2014

Stop Patriarchy was recently asked to remove all anti-pornography messages from a table we had at a Vagina Monologues production, in the name of “sex positivity.” Activists with Stop Patriarchy said, you know that there’s a war on women when the state can keep sex education out of the schools and abolish abortion, while a curious ten-year-old can type “sex” into Google and watch a woman eat shit. This is what we are exposing, and we should all fight it. Porn has nothing to do with sex, and it’s not “positive” in its effects—it does nothing to encourage real intimacy, it makes rape and the absence of consent sexy in the minds of many, and the industry itself continues to intersect with sex trafficking and generally treat women like garbage. The event organizer went on to say that there were women involved in the event who create “feminist pornography.” Stop Patriarchy said that we need a movement for women’s liberation, fighting for a world without a multi-billion dollar sex trafficking industry, where women’s bodies are not objects up for sale: not through sex slavery, not in strip clubs, not in porn, no matter who is getting the profit. A world where slavery is rejected not sexualized, and a woman is more than an orifice and receptacle to stuff things into or pump stuff out of.

This is where the connection between the social origins and the social consequences of individual desires must be grasped. Not all theories that seem on the surface to be in opposition to harmful and oppressive tradition actually reflect the kind of world that is possible: a world without slavery in any form. On the contrary, the defining of sex as “whatever you want it to be” when what people want is being shaped by a patriarchal system, is in itself a stamp of approval on the intolerable conditions women face in the world as it is.

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July 28th, 2014

Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas
People Hearing (Houston) 7:00 pm CST
Wednesday July 30. Encore Theater 4715 Main Street
Streaming live at www.StopPatriarchy.org

Did you know that a new abortion rights court trial is about to begin in Texas? Do you know what will happen if the state wins this case and even more restrictive measures become state law? JOIN US live in Houston, Texas to talk about this war on women. Why should women’s lives and women’s choices EVER be up for a vote?

July 27th, 2014

"We have to fight. We have to protest."

Meet Jay at his church in Houston, TX.  He tells of his great aunt’s death from a coat hanger abortion, and why he believe we have to fight back against the attacks on abortion now.  Jay donated $10 to the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride today.  Will you match his donation today, to fund mass resistance from “Ground Zero” of the battle for women’s freedom?

July 26th, 2014

For Women’s Lives and Against McCarthyism: A Response to “United Statement in Opposition to Stop Patriarchy”

As members of the Advisory Board of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas, we strongly reject the recent ad-hominem and McCarthyite attacks and accusations leveled at the Ride and at Stop Patriarchy as unfounded and untrue. We appreciate the comments of clinic owner Diane Derzis, owner of Jackson Women’s Health in Mississippi, as quoted in the Dallas Observer:

“‘We became far too reliant upon courts to maintain the status quo, while our enemy is in the trenches with these churches raising money, raising time, electing people. Am I a communist? Absolutely not. Do I care whether someone else is? No.’ She adds: ‘I think it’s time starting thinking outside the box, because what we’ve been doing has not been working.’”

The reasons and goals for the Ride are clearly spelled out on StopPatriarchy.org and we stand by them. Reproductive rights in this country are under increasing attack and fast disappearing, leaving thousands of women and girls without access to reproductive care.

With so much on the line and the responsibility of ensuring reproductive justice for women in this country, we believe diverse ways of fighting back are necessary. Many people and groups are doing important work to address the current emergency and we applaud them. We invite anyone to join the Ride in person, or to support it in the various ways described on the website. All points of view and affiliations are welcome, no loyalty oaths are required, the only requirement is a commitment to reproductive justice!

Signed by members of the Advisory Board, Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas:

Diane Derzis, Owner of Jackson Women’s Health Organization, the last abortion clinic in Mississippi

Carol Downer, Co-Founder of the Feminist Women’s Health Center which began doing abortions in 1971

Merle Hoffman, CEO of Choices Women’s Medical Center which began doing abortions in 1971

Wendy Robinson, Director, Voice of Choice

Mary Lou Singleton, licensed midwife and nurse practitioner, Founder, Personhood for Women

Sunsara Taylor, Revolution newspaper, Stop Patriarchy, fighter for abortion rights since 1995

Note: To learn about the actual track record and achievements of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride in the past, click here. To read “A Response to Recent Attacks and Invitation to All from the Advisory Board of the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride 2014: Ground Zero Texas,” click here.

July 25th, 2014

Join us online, as the People’s Hearing Houston brings alive what it’s like when abortion is illegal and inaccessible and what is happening right now in Texas and across the US with the Abortion Rights Emergency. If the courts won’t recognize and broadcast the truth, then we WILL! We must rely on ourselves and tune in, stand up, and fight back!! 

July 25th, 2014
July 25th, 2014

Official Info for the Abortion Rights Freedom Ride: Ground Zero TX - People’s Hearings!

Wed July 30 7:00 pm CST
Encore Theatre
4715 Main Street

Wed August 6 7:00 pm CST
The Austin Centre
3809 South 2nd Street
Austin 78794

Wednesday August 13 7:00 pm CST
Esperanza Peace & Justice Center
922 San Pedro Avenue
San Antonio

Wed August 20 7:00 pm CST
Los Fresnos Inn
906 W. Ocean Blvd
Los Fresnos
Rio Grande Valley


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